Calculating the volumetric volume of your product.
A specialist box measure and weigh system, the Cube'n'Weigh combines speed and accuracy, mitigating under-ticketing penalties while optimising work-flow.
A hand-held click and roll tool, the Cube'n'Pal quickly finds the cubic volume of your pallets or large objects. No more measuring tape and calculator, the Cube'n'Pal has 6 memories, allowing quick entry into your transport or warehousing system.
Product Metrics
Cuboid / Box

less than 3secs

+/- 2mm

Box min
100 x 100 x 100mm

Box typical
600 x 700 x 800mm

Box max
Made to order

Load cell min
10kg by 1g at 20kg phys max

Load cell typ
60kg by 20g at 600kg phys max

4mm steel or aluminium

5volts DC

Product Metrics
Most shapes near square

Operator rolling time

+/- 1cm

Item min
Mini-Pallet or large box

Item max
10 x 10 x 10m

USB micro

18 hours

Power Saving
5min Auto Off

6mm plastic with 4mm bolts

Tough carry case, charger and cable

Left or right handed corner placement.
Side, back or flying head unit.
Side cut-out for flow-thru operation.
Optional Extras
PC Software for integration over USB (see below).
Portable steel bench with lock wheels.
Battery operation for portability.
Barcode scanner for SKU integration.
Camera for SKU identification.
Optional Extras
Integration not currently available, WiFi integration maybe available in 2024.
Once integration is complete, Barcode and QR code scanning can be built into the unit on request.
Operational Video

The Cube'n'Weigh is sold as a stand-alone solution or supplied with optional PC software allowing easy integration with your dispatch system.

Sending the data in real-time, the PC Software supplies a number of industry standard integration methods.

XLSX, CSV (e.g. SAPS) or JSON saved to a folder/share.
Sent to an HTTP end point.
Command execution with arguments by value.
Volumetric Volume

In order to calculate the cost of delivery, almost all transport agencies require the volumetric volume and the weight.

The volumetric volume, measured in cubic meters (m³), is the cubic space surrounding an object, as if the object were placed within a best-fit box and the box itself were measured. We simply call it The Cubic Volume.

About Us

Advasco Scales LTD is a Kiwi company, based in Auckland.

Specialising in scales, certification, electronic repair and process integration, we've seen an increasing requirement within the industry for volumetric measuring equipment.

Spending several years in development, we now offer three types of volumetric measuring systems.

If you are interested in other weighing solutions, from 0.1 grams to 100 tones, please visit our website or give us a call.

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